FIMFF 2019

A more diverse Faroe Islands with FIMFF

Faroe Islands Minority Film Festival, in short FIMFF, is on again in October of this year. As the name of the film festival suggests, FIMFF focuses on minorities in the Faroe Islands and the Nordic countries, this way it aids in creating diversity in the Faroe Islands – benefitting the Faroese people.

The film festival starts on October 9th and lasts until October 13th. During these 5 days, movies, debates, lectures, and workshops will be on the agenda. This year we will start FIMFF LAB, which is intended for Nordic filmmakers, the world-renowned film director Isold Uggadóttir will be conducting workshops on how to write a manuscript.

The opening ceremony for the film festival will be in the Nordic House on October 10th, showings will be in Perlan and Reinsaríið. This is the 3rd year in a row that FIMFF is happening, with growing interest every year.

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