gender bender party

Gender Bender er eitt kvir kvøld har vit fagna ymiskleikanum við feitum tónleiki, listaligum framførslum og altíð við onkrum, ið ikki áður hevur verið at hoyrt ella sæð á klettunum

Explosive rap queen // Drag // Circus performance​


NIKOLINE broke through with the hit single ‘’Sut Min Klit’’, which was #1 on Spotify for several weeks and was nominated for the Robert Prisen 2019 for ‘best original song’ for the film Ditte&Louise. A few weeks before the parliamentary elections the following year, she released the sensational video ‘’Danskhed’’ (feat. Knud Romer), which examines and challenges our perception of Danishness and our democracy. Her latest release “Gourmet” unfolds female desire in a way that stands in contrast to the superficial and stereotypical way sexuality is portrayed in mainstream movies and porn. Since August 2020, the video has received over 1 million views on www.joy-mogensen.dk and is nominated for both the Audience Award and the Shortlist Award at the EKKO Awards in the same year.​



Shardeazy Afrodesiak a.k.a. The Big Deazy a.k.a. The Big D – the Gender Bending Drag Ting ready to explode their chaos energy all over you! 

As 1st Runner up in Europe’s largest Drag King Competition, Man Up, Shardeazy has spread through the UK Drag scene unapologetically, bringing power, politics and ridiculousness to their drag!

The Big Deazy


Michiel Tange van Leeuwen specializes in aerial acrobatics and explores the constant border area between circus, contemporary dance and performance art. He mastered his skills to a degree that allows him to create powerful and poetic solo work, characterized by an original and very personal expression. His choreographed and highly visual numbers are thus creating a dynamic and entertaining performing arts hybrid.

Michiel started his career in a youth circus in the Netherlands – and then moved to Denmark for his education at AFUK. Since then he has performed all over Europe in various cabaret shows, festivals and theatrical performances.