gender bender party

Gender Bender er eitt kvir kvøld har vit fagna ymiskleikanum við feitum tónleiki, listaligum framførslum og altíð við onkrum, ið ikki áður hevur verið at hoyrt ella sæð á klettunum

Swedish explosive rap queen// rope performance

Í ár hava vit fingið lívligt jugoslaviskt/svenskt listafólk, sum fer at framføra við sínum pumpandi elektroniska hyperpoppi, og Ceci Ferox og Tinu Pornflakes við eini reip-bondasjuframførslu.


First and foremost, GNUČČI can take care of herself – after all, she’s a “self-made Balkan babe”, as she chants in her latest release, “Ultimate Syndrome”. The exuberant pop track, in collaboration with Berlin-based singer and producer Tami T, exposes the delicate negotiation between absolute self-confidence and the desire to please a lover; her conclusion? “Not going to give you my all but you will get the best.”

GNUČČI, real name Ana Rab, is a Swedish rapper, singer and songwriter; she left the former Yugoslavia at the age of five in the midst of the Yugoslav Wars. A self-described ‘control freak’, she’s her own songwriter, creative director, manager and label owner; she declares in “Ultimate Syndrome” that she’ll “do the label, video, sing, rap, dance” (with echoes of Kanye’s “Monster”: “do the rap and the track, triple double no assist”). Her self-produced visuals garner as much attention as her sound – the video for previous release “WORK!”, for example, was nominated at the Los Angeles Music Video Festival.”

*Wonderland magazine

Ceci Ferox & Tina Pornflakes

Shibari is being present, it’s listening, it’s giving your love to someone and it’s telling them a story – through rope.

Ceci Ferox and Tina Pornflakes are going to give us a bondage performance, that has never seen the light of day in the Faroe islands.